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Polycarbonate Solid Sheeting

Solid UV Co-extruded Polycarbonate Sheets

Adding a new dimension to impact resistant glazing 

Solid UV Co-extruded Sheets can be transparent or translucent, posses excellent weather resistance due to a UV-protective barrier coating. The product range offers superb impact strength, is light in weight, can be cold curved and is fire retardant. The unique properties of  Solid sheets make them the ideal product for a variety of demanding applications. They have consistently out performed Glass, GRP and other plastics in skylight roofing & daylight glazing applications.

Solid UV Co-extruded Polycarbonate sheets are used for various types of glazing applications in private buildings, public infrastructure projects, industrial structures e.g.:


· Skylight Domes & Atria

· Industrial Skylights & North Light Glazing

· Signage fascia

· Light diffusers


Vision panels in High Vibration areas

· Sound Barriers

· Porches & Entrance Canopies

· Safety Glazing

· Riot Shields for Police & Security Forces

· Sports Dug-outs

· Aircraft Ladder Weather Hoods

· Machine Viewing Panels

· Electrical Switch-gear shrouds

Product Range at a Glance

Description Colour Sheet size

Solid 1.5mm Clear 3.050 x 2.050

Solid 2.0mm Clear 3.050 x 2.050

Solid 3.0mm Clear, Bronze 3.050 x 2.050

Solid 4.0mm Clear 3.050 x 2.050

Solid 5.0mm Clear 3.050 x 2.050

Solid 6.0mm Clear 3.050 x 2.050

Solid 8.0mm Clear 3.050 x 2.050

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